Alberto's Biiography


    Alberto Coppini was born in Florence on 15/04/1962. At 10, he joins the workshop of the master Giachetti Giancarlo called Puccio, whre he learns the art of metalworking and starts reproducing fish and birds of different shapes.


Ascension Bay Permit Tournament

3rd Annual Ascension Bay Permit tournament April 21-24, 2017


  • Annual fly fishing Tournament world wide open.
  • For the benefit of the children and schools of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere and for the conservation and protection of the Biosphere environment.
  • World Renowned Fly Tyer Designer and Innovator Enrico Puglisi will be the host of the event.
  • Promote fly fishing and help the environmental conservation for the future in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere.

For the Children

During the event a fly fishing materials auction will be organized in order to collect money for the local school. Also part of the entrance fees and sponsor donation will be donated for the children in Sian Ka'an.

The Event

In order to formalize the appellation of "Permit Capital of the World" a big iron steel sculpture hand made by Italian artist Alberto Coppini will be placed in the village's park. This sculpture (3.5 x 2.4 mt) will be donated to the village with the participation of the local government.

A iron ribbon or a plate fixed ar the base of the monument will list the name and logo of the sponsor involved in the tournament and the names of the annual winners,